My first week living in New Orleans, a stranger sitting at a counter next to me noticed tattoos of a carrot and a Fresno chili, then looked down at my avocado socks and declared me a “man salad.” I’m still not sure if that was a compliment, but here we are.

I’m Southern born, and after 15 years in California and NYC, I’m a Southerner returned. For me, photography is relational—a way of exploring and communicating personal perspective, and a special/complex/beautiful way of knowing others. Through my business, Paprika Studios, I shoot a variety of commercial assignments, and use personal projects to ask questions and explore curiosities.

I love making images that have meaning and utility; images that evoke emotion, ignite memory, or tease a sense. Want to know more? Drop me a line here so we can connect!

If you’re looking for a photographer or creative collaborator—even if you’re just looking for someone to sip whiskey with—I’d love to talk. Just let me know how to reach you, and I’ll be in touch.