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In the Kitchen with the Stanley Family

Beef Stew Ingredients 1.5 lbs Chuck meat (cut to 1/2 in cubes) 2-3 TBS oil (for browning the meat) 4 C hot water 1/4 C flour (for roux) 1 TBS lemon juice 1 TBS Worcesteshire 2 garlic cloves 1 medium onion 6 bay [...]

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In the Kitchen with the Bouloubasis Family

In the Kitchen with the Bouloubasis Family “Do you want some coffee?” That's the first question Lisa asks after welcoming me into her home. "I wanted to have baklava ready, but I’m really behind on my baking. It would have been nice to have dessert for you.” I [...]

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Untitled #3

Fresno, California 2012 There's something nostalgic about this scene to me - something reminiscent of Louisiana. Lattice, a bird feeder, improvised columns (one of which is barely holding on), a hose, even the grass growing up through the middle of the sidewalk; all remind me of an unclaimed memory from my childhood.

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In the Kitchen with the Chavoor Family

In the Kitchen with the Chavoor Family Kathleen (pictured right) is someone I've called a friend for a few years now. Most of our shared time has revolved around food - maybe an occasional conversation about relationships, or art, but mostly food. I've held great respect for the ways that [...]

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Woven – Aerial Explorations of Agriculture

I've long been obsessed with the tactile nature of agriculture. The orchards and fields that bear our fruits and vegetables become a blur when we're driving through them on what may seem like an endless or mundane commute, but I've learned through harvest projects that these can be visually rich scenes, so I started exploring [...]

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EXPO Milano: “American Regional Cuisine”

American Regional Cuisine The 2015 World's Fair—EXPO Milano—was the first in the event's 160+ year history in which the entire focus was on food; specifically, how we'll grow, source and prepare enough to eat as the planet's population approaches 9 billion people. As part of it's three-story pavilion, the United States offered a [...]

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Sunny takes the Blue Ridge

By map, Boone, North Carolina is just 85 miles northeast of Asheville. Hop on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and you'll add another 15 miles—and double the driving time. Add a couple more hours if you stop at every lookout to admire the view to take a photo of your dog. For a few weeks each [...]

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Tailgating: LSU vs. Alabama

Here's the scene: It's LSU's last homegame of a disappointing the season, and they're hosting Alabama. It's a fierce rivalry, but the thing about tailgating is that everyone's welcome. Later in the day, a Tiger fan will explain it best when he points to a fan in a 'Bama shirt and assures me, "I can [...]

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Empellón Al Pastor

This isn't news to my close friends anyone who's met me, but there are few things that get me more excited than the promise of good tacos. I was spoiled on the west coast; Central California boasts an abundant selection of trucks, carts and home kitchens selling heaven in a tortilla for $1.25. $1.50 on the [...]

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The Swimming Hole

There's a camp for sale near Booneville, in California's Anderson Valley. The locals say it used to be a gathering spot for...ahem, kids who eat a lot. (At least that would explain why the kitchen isn't equipped with a commercial fryer.) If true, that's at least a little ironic, since the camp was home to [...]

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Goat “Tuade” at Wyebrook Farm

A small crowd forms a circle in the sunlight just outside of a large, open-air shed at Wyebrook Farm. Bryan Mayer, a butcher and soon-to-be shop owner in Philly outlines the process that's about to take place: He and fellow butcher Heather will enter a trailer—where a mature goat has been kept for the last [...]

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Almond Harvest

Vincenzo Ricchiuti first set foot in the United States in 1914, planting grapes and figs on the first family acreage. His son, Pat, expanded the business in 1956, forming P-R Farms, which now grows a variety of crops through the Central Valley under the leadership of Pat's son Patrick, and Patrick's son Vincent. Last year, [...]

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Five Years

In the summer of 2007, I filed paperwork to form a business. I had no idea what I was doing (evidenced by the fact that I later had to hire an attorney to correct said paperwork), but I wanted to formalize my freelance work, and to legitimize some of the projects I had been working [...]

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P-R Farms / ENZO Olive Oil

The Ricchiuti family, long-time growers of olives, almonds and tree fruit, recently began pressing and bottling their own line of olive oil under the ENZO brand. They commissioned me to document this year's crop—both the mechanical and hand harvests—and to follow the fruit from the trees to the bottle. The entire process takes place in [...]

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Eat Retreat, Finger Lakes

Two years ago, I attended the inaugural Eat Retreat, a gathering of 30 or so professionals from across the food industry—chefs, writers, brewers, butchers, photographers, roasters, and so on. Intimated and unsure of what I could contribute to such a talented group, I hid behind my camera all weekend, then published a lengthy photo essay [...]

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Looking back through my Instagram feed, it's easy to identify patterns in thought and experiences: An early series of mannequins in store windows came at a time when I was desperate to find a sense of life downtown. Before that, I photographed front yards, exploring how others characterize their personal space within the context of [...]

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Uesugi Farms

Uesugi Farms is well known for a seasonal Pumpkin Park just north of Gilroy, California, but the company grows a wide variety of commercial crops. In 2013, the farm opened a market along Highway 25, and commissioned me to document harvest, to show a connection between the food that's sold there and the work being done [...]

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Masumoto Peach Adoption

The Masumotos are known to say profound, deeply passionate things about their peaches. But during the family's performance at Saturday's harvest—the family is also known to perform—Nikiko said something that hit a very personal chord, describing an Elberta peach as a way for her to stay connected with her grandmother. I'm fascinated with food as [...]

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Apprentice Life: Channelle Wiebe

I met Channelle when she worked at the coffee shop next to my office—I remembered her husband Jordan from my time at Fresno Pacific, where I documented his story as student body president. We became good friends over morning coffee, and a few months before that café closed, Channelle told me she was going to [...]

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Two Days in Hico

If you drive Hwy 281 for the scenic route between Dallas and San Antonio, you'll pass through the little town of Hico, Texas, and right by the entrance to the Koffee Kup Restaurant. Regulars here are waiting outside when the doors open at 6:00 a.m., but with a town of only 1,376 people, the restaurant [...]

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Series: Fresh

FRESH is an exploration of simplicity and form: local, seasonal produce, photographed in natural light on reclaimed farm wood. The vegetables currently featured were grown on small farms throughout California's Central Valley, including KMK Organic Farms, Thao Farms, River Roots, Vince's Organics, Lone Willow Ranch and Fresno State. The project is a culmination of over seven [...]

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Series: Family

I've been fortunate this year to spend time with family—mine is spread out throughout the country, and since I'm the only one on the west coast, I don't get to see them often. The photos collected here are from two trips back east (to Louisiana and North Carolina) and span from June to December, 2012. [...]

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