Sunny takes the Blue Ridge

By map, Boone, North Carolina is just 85 miles northeast of Asheville. Hop on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and you'll add another 15 miles—and double the driving time. Add a couple more hours if you stop at every lookout to admire the view to take a photo of your dog. For a few weeks each [...]

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Tailgating: LSU vs. Alabama

Here's the scene: It's LSU's last homegame of a disappointing the season, and they're hosting Alabama. It's a fierce rivalry, but the thing about tailgating is that everyone's welcome. Later in the day, a Tiger fan will explain it best when he points to a fan in a 'Bama shirt and assures me, "I can [...]

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Goat “Tuade” at Wyebrook Farm

A small crowd forms a circle in the sunlight just outside of a large, open-air shed at Wyebrook Farm. Bryan Mayer, a butcher and soon-to-be shop owner in Philly outlines the process that's about to take place: He and fellow butcher Heather will enter a trailer—where a mature goat has been kept for the last [...]

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Almond Harvest

Vincenzo Ricchiuti first set foot in the United States in 1914, planting grapes and figs on the first family acreage. His son, Pat, expanded the business in 1956, forming P-R Farms, which now grows a variety of crops through the Central Valley under the leadership of Pat's son Patrick, and Patrick's son Vincent. Last year, [...]

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Five Years

In the summer of 2007, I filed paperwork to form a business. I had no idea what I was doing (evidenced by the fact that I later had to hire an attorney to correct said paperwork), but I wanted to formalize my freelance work, and to legitimize some of the projects I had been working [...]

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Eat Retreat, Finger Lakes

Two years ago, I attended the inaugural Eat Retreat, a gathering of 30 or so professionals from across the food industry—chefs, writers, brewers, butchers, photographers, roasters, and so on. Intimated and unsure of what I could contribute to such a talented group, I hid behind my camera all weekend, then published a lengthy photo essay [...]

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Portrait Session: Sarah Harry

Sarah's grandmother passed down a dress from her time in San Francisco in the 1940s. When she saw it on Sarah at Easter, she asked for a photo, so we set up a portrait shoot as an early Christmas present. Gloomy weather on the day of the shoot pushed us inside Warnors Theater—we walked out [...]

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Looking back through my Instagram feed, it's easy to identify patterns in thought and experiences: An early series of mannequins in store windows came at a time when I was desperate to find a sense of life downtown. Before that, I photographed front yards, exploring how others characterize their personal space within the context of [...]

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Masumoto Peach Adoption

The Masumotos are known to say profound, deeply passionate things about their peaches. But during the family's performance at Saturday's harvest—the family is also known to perform—Nikiko said something that hit a very personal chord, describing an Elberta peach as a way for her to stay connected with her grandmother. I'm fascinated with food as [...]

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