Two years ago, I attended the inaugural Eat Retreat, a gathering of 30 or so professionals from across the food industry—chefs, writers, brewers, butchers, photographers, roasters, and so on. Intimated and unsure of what I could contribute to such a talented group, I hid behind my camera all weekend, then published a lengthy photo essay recapping the event. Looking back, I wonder what conversations I missed out on, but I’m also kind of glad I leaned on my camera: it was the kick in the ass I needed to start taking myself seriously as a photographer.

I couldn’t make the second event, so I couldn’t miss the third, held just a few weeks ago in upstate New York, a stone’s throw from Seneca Lake. This time around, I focused more on the people and activities, but I still kept a camera handy; my favorite images are below.

Personal highlights:
– Hands-on tour (and sampling) at Finger Lakes Distilling
– Butchering demonstrations
– Porchetta
– “Malortraits”
– The talent show
– An incredible group of friends, celebrating food and learning from each other