Looking back through my Instagram feed, it’s easy to identify patterns in thought and experiences: An early series of mannequins in store windows came at a time when I was desperate to find a sense of life downtown. Before that, I photographed front yards, exploring how others characterize their personal space within the context of a community.  When my brother lived with me, I logged our meals together. I’ve documented my travels. And, I got a dog:


To be clear, I wasn’t looking for another dog. But I help a local rescue out by maintaining their website, so I see all of the pups that come in, and I read their stories. I caved and offered to foster right as Sunny was in need of a new place; less than a week after I brought her home, I knew I couldn’t let her go, so I signed adoption papers.


For the first few weeks, I littered Instagram with selfies.

I still post to #selfieswithsunny occassionaly, but with our daily walks, I realized that Sunny was helping me explore more of my surroundings, and helping me to see light and shadows in new ways. She became a muse.


Last week marked the end of our first year together. So, to celebrate Sunny (and the work of Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno), here are a few of my favorite non-instagram shots of my girl. (PLUG: If you’re considering a companion, please visit a local shelter and consider adopting—rescues make for incredible pets!)