I still remember the first time I drove through California’s Central Valley; my mouth watered at the site of all the citrus groves and fruit trees. I was enamored, and immediately curious. I spent most of the 10 years that followed encouraging friends, neighbors and complete strangers to embrace what was all around – fresh, immensely flavorful produce.

The more I work in and with food, the more I’m drawn to the raw ingredient, and to the intersection of the food that’s grown and the hands that help bring it to others’ plates. Outlined here are several samples of assignments (either commissioned or self-assigned) that highlight this passion.

For information about commissions and rates, please drop me a line.

P-R Farms / Almond Harvest

The Ricchiuti family has been growing produce in the Central Valley since 1914, and has a reputation for premium quality stone fruit, apples, citrus, grapes, olives and almonds – the latter spanning several thousand acres. The farm commissioned me to document the 2014 almond harvest, and to create images that celebrate the family’s legacy.

Uesugi Farms / Pepper, Cabbage & Corn Harvests

Uesugi Farms is well known for a seasonal Pumpkin Park just north of Gilroy, California, but the company grows a wide variety of commercial crops. In 2013, the farm opened a market along Highway 25, and commissioned me to document harvest, to show a connection between the food that’s sold there and the work being done in their fields. A few of my favorites from the assignment are below.

Siren Fish Co / Salmon Harvest

Anna Larsen started Siren SeaSA to connect fishermen directly to customers who who value sustainable fishing practices. When she made the decision to expand into Siren Fish Co – and start packaging her product for distribution in local grocery stores – she commissioned me to create images that showcase the fishermen she works with, and the freshness of their catch.

ENZO Olive Oil / Olive Harvest

The Ricchiuti family, long-time growers of olives, almonds and tree fruit, recently began pressing and bottling their own line of olive oil under the ENZO brand. They commissioned me to document this year’s crop—both the mechanical and hand harvests—and to follow the fruit from the trees to the bottle. The entire process takes place in the Central Valley.