It’s funny, really. I’ve been a vocal enthusiast of the web – especially social media – for several years now. So much so, actually, that I built a business helping others understand and utilize web-based technologies. But lately, I’ve been craving something more…tactile. And something more authentic.

We’ve I’ve become accustomed to sharing images and stories online, but when it comes to my favorites, well those aren’t created for “likes” or an audience. So instead of uploading them to share with everyone, I’m going print and mail a few to a handful of people (ahem, that’s you).

Let’s call this an experiment in sharing something with a little more permanence, and in reconnecting with people in a more meaningful way.

To the Point

You fill out the nifty form below, and I’ll send you a photo, along with a little story (what I would normally post to Facebook). Currently, the photos are from summer adventures, but maybe we try this again throughout the seasons, k?

There’s no catch, no cost, no requirements at all, beyond giving me a little information (below).

Nifty Form